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Volunteering for Fairtrade at St Michaels

Come and join our friendly team at Fairtrade at St.Michaels

Would you like to work in a team of friendly and interesting people, learn new things, new skills and grow in confidence? We have a wide range of volunteers who all play their part to support fair trade producers across the world. We are also important to the local community as we have many regular customers who appreciate the special environment of our shop. We are independent and sell a range of products that often cannot be found elsewhere in Oxford. We provide a real alternative to the high-street shops!

Our unique shop could not run without the commitment and hard work of our volunteers who create a very special atmosphere of enthusiasm and fun.

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team. No experience is necessary, just a lot of enthusiasm! The normal commitment is one half-day shift per week or fortnight. (The morning shift runs from 10am to 1.30pm and the afternoon shift from 1.30pm to 5pm), but we will consider other working times too - so feel free to ask.

What will I be doing?

The roles and responsibilities of a volunteers include:

We provide full training and in return for volunteers' hard work, we cover travel expenses, hold regular social events and volunteers are entitled to a discount.  For more information take a look at our youtube video


If you are interested in volunteering, please email the Manager at info@fairtradeatstmichaels.co.uk to get more information, or pop into the shop Monday to Saturday between 11am and 4pm for a chat.

Meet our volunteers

From a few spare hours to years of dedication, volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are helping to make a difference. But giving up your free time is only a part of the story, as these inspiring volunteers show.

"I enjoy the feeling of belonging to a team. It's a wonderful community support system which does something bigger. The benefits are global and local."

"I've made friends - I have fun, we have a laugh, we have lots of banter. I've got a friend who is an artist and she prices all the jewellery, so there's something for everyone - whatever your skill is, the shop can use you.

"I'd definitely recommend volunteering. I get to meet a lot of people I wouldn't normally meet. I've made a lot of new friends, which is nice. And I'm more confident talking to people. I've never been one to just talk to people randomly, but you get to know the regulars - I've enjoyed that."

"Joining the very friendly team has been very enjoyable, with a variety of work and some nice people .  I would recommend volunteer work as a good life experience."

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