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Current primary school activities/topics



Session on tea including:



Session on bananas including:



Session on chocolate including:



Session on habitat including:


Citizenship - diversity



  1. A drop in the ocean
    Aim - to show children that even doing something very small to support fair trade can make a difference
  2. Chocolate heaven
    Aim - to use the theme of chocolate to demonstrate the idea of unfairness in trade.
  3. What is fair trade?
    Aim - to demonstrate and explain the need for fair trade.
  4. The Fairtrade Mark
    Aim - to explain the fairtrade mark.
  5. Worldwide Connections
    Aim - to demonstrate that we can't avoid being connected to others across the world through what we buy and eat.

PLUS All you need for a Fair Trade Assembly - 3 assembly outlines for Key Stages 2,3 and 4


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For further information please contact Jo Clifford at the shop.

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