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Thank you to everyone who celebrated our 15th Anniversary with us!


15 years ago today we first opened our shop doors to the public.

On Sunday 21st October 2018, we celebrated our 15th anniversary at Tap Social Movement, thank you for coming!


Thank you to all our staff and volunteers who helped set up - there was tremendous energy and excitement as it started taking shape. We did justice with the bunting (you can never have too much bunting!) The shop video, projection & display boards looked fantastic!

Thanks to those who made sure that the craft, games & kids activities ran smoothly, there were so many content children & parents.Thanks to Lanka Kade and Weaving Hope for their fabulous range of Fair Trade toys in our kids corner.


Thanks to Indigo Oxford, Weaving Hope and Headington Fairtrade for being part of our market! It was great to have the new range of high content cocoa bars from Divine Chocolate UK to taste. T

hanks to our face painter - Tash, and John the Magician. Thanks to all the wonderful performers - in particular Inge, for reading such a thought provoking range of poetry, we would love to hear more.

Thanks to Young Women's Music Project - Jen Berkova‘s performance was mesmerising! Thanks to Grace from African Dance Oxford for stepping in at the last minute and getting everyone wiggling their bottoms!

Thanks to Clare Matthews, Maranda St John Nicolle of Oxford Fair Trade Coalition and Jamie Hartzell of Divine Chocolate for their speeches, and the Colin Cook, the Lord Mayor of Oxford, for slicing through the Fairtrade logo! Thanks again to Ruba and her friend for baking such an amazing array of cakes, they were delicious!


Most importantly, thanks to our key organiser, Feng Ho, for the huge amounts of time and thought and energy and creativity that she has poured into this over so many months. Many, many thanks to Daniella Cromwell for providing so much organisational back-up.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at our 20th Anniversary in 2023!

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