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A Fairytale Fair Trade Love Story: Volunteer David finds his wife Louise through working at a Fairtrade Shop


Tucked away beneath St Michael at the North Gate is the home of a little shop called Fairtrade at St Michaels. This shop is a feast for the senses – with every colour under the sun and exotic aromas that takes your imagination to distant lands. Every object sold in there is ethically produced; either fairly traded or certified Fairtrade.

One day, volunteer David was chatting to the then shop manager, Gilli. He had spare tickets to the theatre. Gilli suggested to David to invite her god daughter, Louise, as she felt that they shared some common interests. David took her up on that suggestion, taking Louise to dinner and the theatre. With a wave of Gilli’s Fairy Godmother wand, David & Louise’s friendship blossomed, their relationship developed, and on the 12th August 2017, David and Louise celebrated their marriage.

 David and Louise’s wedding theme was a ‘Fair Trade Village Summer Fete’, set in the picturesque village of East Hendred, Oxfordshire.‘We wanted to make our wedding as Fair Trade as possible. This began with our rings: Louise’s engagement ring, and both our wedding rings, are from Cred Jewellery, who were one of the pioneers of Fairtrade certified gold in the UK.’ David


As well as the rings, David and Louise’s wedding cake was made by Louise’s cousin, who used an impressive amount of Fairtrade ingredients; sugar, spices, dried fruit and cocoa. It even had a Fairtrade mark on the side in icing! The bar during the reception was flowing with Fairtrade wine that was bought in bulk from the Co-op supermarket. ‘Thank you’ cards and gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen were bought from Fairtrade at St Michaels, and they even had a Fairtrade wedding gift list for the guests.

Friends and family got together to help David and Louise create their ethical wedding; the church flowers and reception decorations used fair trade roses amongst locally sourced or home grown things and the and cake and other sweet treats were homemade and fair trade. The reception venue and the wedding cars were kindly loaned to the couple, and the music for the ceremony was performed by a twenty-strong choir of their friends and family.

Fairtrade at St Michaels aims to connect people from Oxford with distant communities of the world, but no one imagined that they would be bringing together two people in matrimony. 💚

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