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Fairtrade and the World Cup


The thing that we love about the World Cup is that it ignites an interest in other cultures & traditions.


1. In advance of today's matches, we're looking at the craft of the Wichi Indians, who have lived for centuries in the scrub forest of Northern Argentina. Siwok crafts works to preserve the Indian Culture in Northern Argentina.

2. And here's a range of fair trade jewellery from Lima, Peru. Just Trade UK have been working with Hope Jewellery to provide part time, fairly paid work that women can do at home, or close to home. This has made a significant difference to their household incomes, meaning the women have been able to improve their homes, pay for medical treatment and educate their children, as well as spend more time with their families.

 3. Gecko and sun ornaments are hand made from recycled metal from Mexico. Fairly traded and brought to us by our friends from Just Trade Brighton. 

4. Panama and Colombia - both these south American countries are working with the Fairtrade Foundation, where the Fairtrade premium has been put into place to benefit farmers. You can find Fairtrade bananas from Colombia and Panama in the supermarkets. 🍌However, we don't sell bananas, but we do have a range of tagua jewellery by Artisan Life, beautifully hand crafted in Colombia. And this little girl is looking so chic in this Panama hat! Suitable for adults, hat sizes range from 55 - 60cm. 😎

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