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We're going Plastic Free!


Inspired by Oxford Green Week to cut down your plastic usage? Here are three things that everyone can do!


1. Next time you get a take away coffee or tea, why not use one of these stylish Ecoffee Cup? Made from bamboo, so can be completely degraded once you're completely finished using it. However, these cups are pretty hard wearing so should last a lifetime.

2. Save money and help save the environment by bringing a packed lunch into work! We have insulated lunch bags and sandwich wraps by Keep Leaf.

3. Since the plastic bag tax was introduced, it's made a HUGE impact on the amount of plastic bags being used. We have to admit that sometimes we're caught short. These fabric shoppers by New Overseas Traders are lightweight so can be packed away easily in your pocket or bag. Handy!

Here are three inventive & Fair Trade products that are made from recycled plastic!

Trinket box by Cape Rainbow, South Africa

Basket by Mowgs Accessories, Burma.

Trashy bag by Tilnar Art, Ghana

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