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We've just donated £7,000 to Fairtrade related projects!


Fantastic News!

We are delighted to announce that £7,000 of our shop's profits are going to five Fairtrade related projects.£1,000 went to Santa Maria Education Fund, helping young people from the poorest rural communities in Paraguay to access tertiary education.  This is the third year that we have donated money to Santa Maria. Our donation will be used to fund music classes. 

£1,000 went to Just Trading Scotland (via their parent charity The Balmore Trust). Our donation to be put towards their work with rice farmers in Northern Malawi. We sell bags of their Kilombero rice and have twice successfully completed the '90kg rice challenge'.

£1,000 went to Small Projects Istanbul helping Syrian refugees in Turkey to build sustainable futures through education, training and community support. We currently sell jewellery by one of their projects - Drop Earrings Not Bombs. 

£1,000 went to Zaytoun for the 'Trees for Life' appeal run by the Palestine Fair Trade Association. This will fund 250 new olive saplings  - our third donation of this size in the past few years.

£3,000 went to Traidcraft Exchange for their development / campaigning work, 'Going Green project'. Traidcraft are helping many different groups in India to make the textile industry more environmentally friendly, whilst also supporting some important and ancient crafts skills, whilst also learning business skills to get a fairer price for their goods. 62,500 people will benefit from this project.Through choosing Fairtrade, you are already helping improve the lives of producers from disadvantaged communities. We are thrilled that we are able to give these five projects a very much needed boost to their finances.

We wouldn't be able to do this without the ongoing support from you, our  loyal customers. Thank you!

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